Case Studies

Catherine Lonergan 4

Putting the Data In People’s Hands: An Interview with Catherine Lonergan

Discussing the intersection of telecom business and data analytics with Eir Ireland’s Managing Director of Sales (A Six Minute Read)…

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Improving Lead Prioritization With Data Science

Improving Lead Prioritization with Data Science in LogMeIn

LogMeIn is a SaaS company based in Boston, Massachusetts, offering a range of remote connectivity services for collaboration and remote…

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2020.02.13 Data Science Roadmap Header

The Data Science Roadmap: A CMO’s biggest secret weapon

There was once a world where hunches and intuition were the life-blood of the marketing department. Passion led the way…

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Xpanse Ai Mysphera

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Automated Data Science.

MYSPHERA, was founded in 2012 with the goal of improving healthcare by developing a powerful platform to create breakthrough solutions….

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Predicting Energy Prices 7

Energy Price Forecasting with Xpanse AI

Problem “Energy price can rise 50 times within few minutes” Consumers typically view energy price as rather stable, with slight…

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Xpanse Insights Game Case Study

Levelling Up. Winning the game with smarter data.

Peter Salinas is a veteran Game Director and Cognitive Scientist who has been working in the game development industry for…

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data science

Predictive Analytics in Marketing – Case Study 1: Lead Generation for SaaS and Leaks from the Future

This is the first Case Study, one of many that Xpanse AI team will share in this blog about applications…

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Predictive Analytics in Marketing – Case Study 2: Cross-Sell for Insurance

This is our second Case Study, one of a small bunch that Xpanse AI team will share in this blog…

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