IoT Advanced Analytics

Predictive maintenance, bottleneck forecasting, supply optimization.

When machines are talking to machines the only way to stay ahead is to analyze the data with AI support.


4 hours


“Our main challenge is predicting energy price spikes based on rich data coming from various sources - such as sensors or trading markets. Xpanse AI has unique capabilities of automatically transforming those raw signals into Modelling Datasets and we can get fresh models within 4 hours. This saves us weeks of work”.


David Inbar

CEO of Dejalytics

Predictive Maintenance

Machines generate massive amounts of data. From chip manufacturers to airplanes the signals are streamlined to data stores and used to preemptively assess the risk of equipment malfunction.


Bottleneck forecasting & Supply optimization

With rich data sources companies can now employ AI to answer questions about the root-causes for bottlenecks and predict their occurrence.

As an example - Xpanse AI is being used to forecast the energy supply shortage in Texas electricity grid in US. 


“Xpanse AI is capable of independently designing and testing thousands of Features from raw sensor signals. It enables a new level of Data Science where models and insights are delivered within minutes instead of waiting weeks for manually executed projects”.


Kevin Breen

CEO of Cyberactive 

Predictive Quality

In complex manufacturing processes AI-based models are capable of assessing the quality of produced components based on the data.

This saves time on unnecessary destructive tests and money on future warranties.

It also allows to optimize the manufacturing process by repurposing the components according to their quality grades. 


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