Risk Prevention Models

Fraudulent claims, risky customers, unpaid invoices.

AI can help you find them and deal with them.




“We use Predictive Analytics to analyze and prevent fraud & abuse when selling subsidized phones.

Xpanse AI allows us to deliver fresh models effortlessly. Keeping the models fresh helped us to reduce fraud levels by more than 25%.”

Head of Fraud Prevention

Large EU Telecom

Fraud Prevention

Insurance, banks, telecoms - fraud is everywhere.

Luckily fraud has patterns. AI is able to browse through thousands of transactions and behaviors finding fingerprints of fraudulent behaviors and puts them in front of you. 

Our clients do it. So can you. 

Credit Risk

Probability to Default, LGD and EAD models traditionally take months to build.

You can use Xpanse AI to explore all possible patterns - increasing your compliance while speeding  up this process.

Fresh insight - when you need it. 

Insurance Claims Fraud

 3.6% of all insurance claims globally are fraudulent. In some geographies and product lines fraud & abuse levels reach 10% and even more.   

By combining historical data and advanced analytical methods you can detect fraud patterns and implement countermeasures. 

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