Xpanse AI talk in Dublin Tech Talks meetup

Yesterday (14th Jan 2020) CEO of Xpanse Maciek Wasiak gave a rather informal talk in Dogpatch Labs about the messy profession of Data Scientists. The Meetup was organized by Dublin Tech Talks.
The key points:
– There is zero agreement on what Data Science really is. Even Wikipedia is confused about this topic.
– Data Scientists are a temporary solution to the problem with inadequate state of data.
– Seems Data Scientists are super busy doing ad-hoc Data Engineering most of the time instead of analyzing the data – something that comes as a big surprise to the Data Science grads.
– As soon as the data problem is solved – hopefully in the future, there will likely to be a massive oversupply of Data Scientists.

At the end the audience followed up with questions and the discussion rolled out outside meetup hours. Ultimately the group was kicked out from the Dogpatch Labs building due to the late hour but this did not stop the debate.

Big thanks to Gavin Fox from Dublin Tech Talks for organizing this meeting, free beer and pizza! 🙂

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