Xpanse AI

Automated Data Science platform delivering Predictive Models from complex databases in minutes.



Automated Feature Engineering

Autonomous Feature Discovery and Data Integration engine automatically prepares Modelling Datasets in minutes, saving you weeks of manual coding.

Connect your database, click a few buttons and let the machine do the heavy lifting.

Integrated Machine Learning

Use the integrated ML algorithms or export the Modelling Dataset and experiment with ML in another tool.

The choice is yours.

Deployment on the same day

Get fully deployable scoring code and deploy on your Data Warehouse.

From database to deployed models in 1 day.

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"Xpanse AI excels in the difficult task of Feature Engineering - when you need to beat your data into submission before you can apply Machine Learning. It saves us months of work and allows to deliver Predictive Models within 1 day”.

David Inbar

CEO of Dejalytics

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“The Business is coming with new questions every day.
Churn Analytics, monetizing user base, customer lifecycle analytics - Xpanse AI helps me to dig out answers from relational databases on the same day without burning weeks on preparing data. "

Peter Salinas

Freelance Data Scientist

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“We are building a cutting-edge orchestration system for optimal delivery of surgical process tasks. Xpanse AI helps us to crunch through the data and build the models faster than any other tool. “

Jordi Rovira

Innovation Manager in MySphera

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“Xpanse AI enables a new level of Data Science where models and insights are delivered within minutes instead of waiting weeks for manually executed projects”.

Kevin Breen

CEO of Cyberactive

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