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With Xpanse Insights you can ask questions and get answers instantly.

What are the characteristics of your high-value customers? What features have certain product users got in common? Who are the customers leaving you and are you seeing high-value customers churning?
Intelligent actions come from a deep understanding.

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Create actionable insights and build meaningful customer personas in a matter of clicks.

These customer personas allow you to easily dive into customer profiles, filter and select the segments you want to understand. Do you want to know more about high-spend users in large cities? Or low-spend frequent buyers?

We are letting you turn insights into action.


By comparing profiles you can analyse your customers and see what makes them different in crucial areas for your business. Who are the churners and who is loyal? Who is buying versus not buying?

Feed your communication strategy with key insights and start having meaningful, informed conversations with your customers at the right time.

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“Xpanse Insights gives us instant understanding of what drives our users.

When they convert, what makes them purchase items, what drives them to churn. “


Peter Salinas

Freelance Data Scientist

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