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Predictive Models
in minutes instead of next quarter

Xpanse AI predicts customer behaviour by automatically integrating source data and analysing thousands of behavioural patterns in hours instead of months, allowing you to power every campaign with advanced analytics.


Upsell Modelling

Understand which customers will upgrade their service if you contact them.


Churn Modelling

Identify which customers, accounts, users are going to stop purchasing, close their accounts or leave to a competitor.


Cross-Sell Modelling

Target the right customer with the right offer by understanding which customers are going to buy which products.


Insurance Claims Prediction

Know which customers are most likely to make a claim on their insurance policy.


Credit Default Prediction

Predict which customers are likely to default on a loan or credit agreement.


Campaign Uplift Modelling

Identify which customers are going to respond to your campaign.

Benefits of Xpanse AI

Preparing data for predictive modelling typically takes weeks or months of highly skilled Data Scientist’s time

Xpanse AI automates the entire predictive modelling workflow, reducing the time to build a model from weeks to minutes.


… for the Business

  • Impact KPIs Quicker

    Improve time to value for predictive modelling projects. See predictive modelling backed marketing campaigns go live in days instead of months.

  • Actionable Insight

    Understand the patterns driving customer behaviour, complex factors explained graphically and in plain english. Create tailored activities from analytical insight.

  • Tackle More Problems

    With modelling projects developed in minutes, you can create suites of predictive models specifically targeted to each product, customer segment and problem.

… for Data Scientists

  • Automated Feature Engineering

    Xpanse AI creates and test hundreds of thousands of features from your relational data, tailored specifically to the problem you are modelling. Delivered to you as a flat modelling table, ready to use in your favourite machine learning algorithms or tools.

  • Automated Machine Learning

    Xpanse AI automatically chooses the most appropriate machine learning algorithms and parameter configurations for your problem using advanced validation techniques to avoid overfitting, before outputting a highly tuned predictive model accompanied by performance charts and metrics.

  • Automated Insight Generation

    Review all the features built for your problem – explained graphically and in plain english. See how they correlate with your target variable, helping you to understand the drivers of the model and to explain the model to the business.

  • Export and Deploy in SQL

    SQL is the most common data manipulation language used today. Xpanse AI outputs all transformations as well as the predictive model scoring code in ANSI SQL, ready to be deployed in your existing data warehouse.


Free Trial


1 Month

1 month free trial period to evaluate Xpanse AI on your data.

  • Up to 10k Records
  • Up to 2 Input Tables
  • Can’t Include Features Custom Designed by You
  • Can’t Export Scoring Code
  • Can’t Export AMT
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€ 850

Monthly Contract

A starter plan, recommended for your first projects with Xpanse AI.

  • 1GB of Data*
  • Up to 5 Input Tables
  • Include Features Custom Designed by You
  • Export Scoring Code
  • Export AMT
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€ 2,850

Monthly Contract

Enterprise plan for projects with large customer bases or highly granular data.

  • 10GB of Data*
  • Unlimited Input Tables
  • Include Features Custom Designed by You
  • Export Scoring Code
  • Export AMT
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*Recommended data size

If our XP-1 or XP-10 plans don’t fit your use case, please Contact Us to discuss a custom designed plan.

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