Healthcare Analytics

 AI is entering modern hospitals to help with medical treatments and optimizing internal processes

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“We are working with AI-driven analytics on variety cases - from predicting the length of patient’s stay or length of complex surgical procedures to recommending best tasks to staff.

This provides input into key decisions made in medical units with an immediate impact on the quality of care."

Jordi Rovira

Innovation Manager in Mysphera


Optimize medical treatment

Highlight high risk patients, predict patient deterioration and personalize care.

Healthcare is entering new era with critical mass of data becoming available for feeding AI algorithms.

This enables discovering new insights and understanding of what treatment works best for which patients.

Improve organizational processes

Predictive Analytics allows you to optimize your process flows by replacing guesswork with science-based predictions. Is the patient going to stay overnight? For how many nights? How long will the surgery take? When is the patient likely to be back?

Those and many more questions are answered by data and algorithms.

Mitigate fraud & abuse

High value services always attract fraud and abuse. AI helps in analyzing thousands of events to spot overspend, anomalous behaviors or suspicious coincidences. 

You know it is happening. And you can stop it. 

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