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Optimize your provision of healthcare services with Machine Learning

Provide the best care, at the right time

No other industry is as complex and volatile as the modern provision of healthcare services. It requires a finely tuned balance of intricate moving parts and is fueled by complex clients with completely unique requirements.

This set of challenges combined with high volumes of patient data makes healthcare an ideal space for machine learning interventions.

Improve organizational processes

Take the guesswork or assumptions out of healthcare. Is the patient going to stay overnight? For how many nights? How long will the surgery take? When is the patient likely to be back on the ward? How many beds will be available on a specific evening?

Xpanse solutions allow you to optimize your process flows by replacing guesswork with data-driven predictions. 

Your wards, waiting rooms, and theatres can run like a well-oiled machine and can adapt accordingly when unexpected circumstances force your systems to adjust.

Mitigate fraud & abuse

Fraud follows excellence, so it is an unfortunate situation that as your service provision improves it will, in turn, attract curiosity from fraud and abuse. 

Our technologies and solutions are helping high-value healthcare providers analyze thousands of daily events to spot overspend, anomalous behaviors or suspicious coincidences. 

We will help you stop the spread of fraud before it infects your operations.

“We are building a cutting-edge recommendation engine for optimal medical treatment. Xpanse AI helps us to crunch through data and build models faster than any other tool.”


Head of Innovation, MySphera


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