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Optimize your financial interactions with Machine Learning

Cross-Sell & Upsell. Connect the right product to the right customer.

Not all customers want or need all your products.

How to maximize your revenue without burning massive sales budgets and frustrating your customers in the process?

AI can help you identify the customer profiles who are actually interested and ringfence those who are not.

Fraud Prevention

The fraud being identified in modern business is almost unrecognizable. It is sophisticated, hard to identify, and will silently expose the most vulnerable areas of your business operations. By the time you discover the weakness, it may be too late. 

Thankfully, fraud has patterns. Xpanse technologies can instantaneously browse thousands of transactions and behaviors, finding those grubby fingerprints of fraudulent activities and alert you or your team immediately.

Risk Prevention Models

Whether you need to be aware of fraudulent claims, risky customers, or invoices that are more likely to go unpaid, Xpanse solutions can help you identify and manage these potentially major interruptions. 

Our models recreate a version of the future that you can mitigate now by preventing certain activities or acquisitions from ever taking place. 

“The demand for Predictive Analytics opened a floodgate of requests. We used automation to deliver tens of models within 6 months.”

Adam O’Brien

Head of Analytics


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