Stop tolerating fraudulent losses

Stay one step ahead at all times with Xpanse solutions

Optimize your Risk Analysis and Insurance product portfolio with Machine Learning

Running a business is inherently risky, and some threats can pose a fundamental menace to your organization. Save yourself from costly hazards by staying one step ahead at all times.

Risk Prevention Models

Whether you need to be aware of fraudulent claims, risky customers or invoices that are more likely to go unpaid, Xpanse solutions can help you identify and manage these potentially major interruptions.
Our models recreate a version of the future that you can mitigate now by preventing certain activities or acquisitions from ever taking place.

Fraud Prevention

The fraud being identified in modern business is almost unrecognizable. It is sophisticated, hard to identify, and will silently expose the most vulnerable areas of your business operations. By the time you discover the weakness, it may be too late. 

Thankfully, fraud has patterns. Xpanse technologies can instantaneously browse thousands of transactions and behaviors, finding those grubby fingerprints of fraudulent activities and alert you or your team immediately.

Credit Risk

Unlocking fresh and accurate probability-driven data is a perennial problem for financial services sectors. 

Xpanse technologies quickly explore patterns in your data to allow you to harness fresh behavioral insights while staying compliant with governing bodies’ regulations.

Insurance Claims Scams

3.6% of all insurance claims globally are fraudulent and in some areas and product lines, fraud & abuse levels can reach 10% or more. Fraud has become so sophisticated that it is almost treated like an unavoidable aspect of conducting business. This doesn’t have to be the case. 

Stay one step ahead of fraud patterns by combining historical data and advanced analytics. 

Stop tolerating losses due to fraudulent transactions!

“We use Predictive Analytics to analyze and prevent fraud & abuse when selling subsidized phones. Xpanse AI allows us to deliver fresh models effortlessly. Keeping the models fresh helped us to reduce fraud levels by more than 25%.”

Head of Fraud Prevention

Large EU Telecom


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