Accurately ringfence high-value, high-risk customers for targeted retention campaigns.


Retain your most valued customers with Retention Analytics

Churn or customer retention analysis allows you to discover the core drivers behind customer churn. By identifying the most painful points in a customer journey, you can adapt your proposition, messaging, or improve your core offering to ensure churn moments or events are stopped early. 

The same power is available to businesses that want to retain customers who are at the highest risk of churn. Launch your intelligent, targeted retention campaigns and maintain a stabilized, content base of customers.

Why should you focus on customer retention?

Focusing on customer retention allows you to intentionally and strategically concentrate on those customers who are of most value to you, but are most likely to drop your products or services.
A business needs to be sure they can clearly identify the characteristics of the most valuable customers who are also the most likely to churn. But this only gives you part of the picture. In order to be truly tactical in customer retention, you also need to be confident about when they are most likely to leave.


The right customer at the right time in the right place

Retention strategies are driven by targeted and timely value. Without the power of data or AI, such offers can present a huge potential loss of revenue, and unappreciated promotions can in fact drive customer churn.


Xpanse is your new customer retention strategy machine

Our systems are used on some of the most complex and detailed product portfolios and customer bases. Our experts have a track record for assessing customer data, selecting the best models, and providing actionable and applicable insights in days instead of months.

Our technology is completely adaptive and can be scaled up to multiple customer segments, products and retention offers.

“The ability to leverage more than 50 models allowed us to create a much more effective targeting system for our Retention Campaigns. It gave us depth and focus that we never had before.”


Leanne Foster

Campaign Base Planner

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