Marketing is a game of numbers

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Optimise your Marketing with Machine Learning

Customer research is good. Data-driven predictive insights are even better. Take the guesswork out of your marketing engine with powerful, insight-driven AI.

Conversion Models for bullseye targeting

Identify the easy-to-convert segments and monetize them. Conversion models put the best leads on the top of your list, so you know who to prioritize.

Cross-Sell & Upsell. Connect the right product to the right customer

How do you decide which lead to prioritize?

Who should you target with what message, and about what products?

How can you be sure you are filtering out the prospects who are just not interested?
Predictive Cross-sell and Upsell systems are the answer.

Retain your flight risks with Retention Analytics

Churn (or Retention) analytics allows you to understand what causes your customers to stop using your products or services.

Is it certain demographics? Overpromising user-acquisition campaigns? Poor on-boarding or product experience?

Different customer segments have different churn drivers, for example; early churn is different to renewal churn and needs a different strategic approach.

With many dimensions and various churn types – AI helps you uncover the answers.

“The ability to leverage more than 50 models allowed us to create a much more effective targeting system for our Retention Campaigns. It gave us depth and focus that we never had before.”

Catherine Lonergan

CVM Consultant


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