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AI-powered analytics to understand and impact your customers through their lifecycle.

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"We identify small cohorts of the most promising prospects using Predictive Analytics and target them with conversion campaigns."

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Nina Jensen

Senior Data Scientist

Conversion Models

Long lead list and not enough resources to target everyone?

Conversion models put the best leads on the top of your list and push hopeless cases to the bottom.

Find the easy-to-convert segments and monetize them.

Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

Some customers need more of your products. Some don’t.

Cross-sell and Up-Sell models tell you exactly who wants what. 
You just need to put the right offer in front of right customers.

AI-driven models allow you to do exactly that. 

Churn Analytics

Unhappy customers leave.

Churn Analytics allows you to analyze drop-off points and discover the reasons behind customers churning. You can use that insight to adjust your proposition and improve your offering. 

Additionally you can build data-driven Churn Models which highlight the customers at flee-risk in advance and direct a targeted retention campaign. 

Understand churn and retain more customers. 

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