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How to get the Churn Models for your user base fast - video

Xpanse AI + Redshift Serverless = Churn Analytics & Churn Models in minutes.
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Traditional vs Automated Predictive Analytics

Despite the red-hot hype making it sound like something new – Predictive Analytics has been around for decades. The number of tools you can use while delivering Predictive Models has exponentially grown...
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The untapped power of Customer Insights

Within a vastly competitive landscape driven by fast-paced, informed consumers, it is no longer an option for companies to market effectively without the benefit insights. More and more, management teams...
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Automated Data Science is Here

Companies around the globe already use Xpanse AI to accelerate their time-to-insight and meet their demand for data-driven decision making.
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Xpanse AI talk in Dublin Tech Talks meetup

Yesterday (14th Jan 2020) CEO of Xpanse Maciek Wasiak gave a rather informal talk in Dogpatch Labs about the messy profession of Data Scientists. The Meetup was organized by Dublin Tech Talks. The key...
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