Process Optimization


What is business process optimization?

Business process optimization involves the thorough and exhaustive examination of existing processes to allow for incremental improvements and key stages driving optimization and efficiencies at a macro level. By thoroughly understanding and then optimizing the processes driving an organization forward, you can consequently improve business executions and commercial performance.


How do you optimize a process?

Traditionally, the process of business process optimization (BPO) could place a huge demand on resources as it was a time-consuming and costly process. However, the tangible improvements in business operations made it a crucial exercise to undertake. Typically it would have involved the manual mapping out of a process, followed by a detailed analysis of opportunities for improvement. Depending on the scale of the business and complexity involved, this process could take anywhere from several months to many years to deliver.


How is Xpanse improving Business Process Optimization?

Our technology cuts the time involved in BPO into fragments, allowing you to focus on the opportunities for improvement. Using the power of AI the Xpanse solutions radically review millions of data points without any need for manual, personal intervention. The techniques used identify pre-defined signals of underperformance, leaving no stone unturned in an entire business’ operations

Why is business process optimization important?

In dramatically reduced timelines, the Xpanse solutions allow businesses to:

Optimize asset allocation

Increase yield

Reduce waste

Accelerate process speed

Increase quality

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Identify and remove bottlenecks

“Xpanse AI is capable of independently designing and testing thousands of Features from raw sensor signals. It enables a new level of Data Science where models and insights are delivered within minutes instead of waiting weeks for manually executed projects”


Kevin Breen

CEO of Cyberactive

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