Optimize your processes with hard data

Use AI to do the heavy lifting

Understand root cause of failures. Predict before it happens.

Very few industries have as varied and complex data as manufacturing.
We developed Xpanse technologies to deal with exactly that.

Process parameters are spiking for no reason?
Machines get stuck?
Yield variance is causing waste?

We know how to find the needle in the haystack of your manufacturing data.

Business Process Optimization

Underutilized resources?
Too many contractors booked?
Wasted materials?
Slower than expected process completions?

If you find these are recurring headaches in your process chains, then Xpanse can help you uncover the root cause of inefficiencies so you can fix the process with confidence and clarity. 

“Xpanse AI is capable of independently designing and testing thousands of Features from raw sensor signals. It enables a new level of Data Science where models and insights are delivered within minutes.”

Kevin Breen

CEO, Cyberactive


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