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Level up your game play experience with the power of AI

How good is your onboarding process?

Can you accurately identify where players drop off?
Which new features are welcome and which ones cause player churn?
What behaviour precedes a purchase event?

With the power of AI in your hands, Xpanse solutions can help you answer these questions, and more.

Maximize your revenues

If you are running User Acquisition campaigns for F2P games – knowing the lifetime value (LTV) predictions as soon as possible is essential to calculate your return on ad spend (ROAS).
Our models are capable of estimating LTV as immediately as Day 1.

“Xpanse allows us to slice and dice the data with the ease and speed not available in other tools. For example – within few clicks I can discover segments of players with high churn rates and I can compare them instantly to the loyal players. More so, game designers can do that too and this instantly feeds into their creative thought process about how the game can be improved.”

Peter Salinas

Cognitive Scientist and Game Director


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