Cross-Sell &

Use predictive analytics to confidently match products or services to the right customer at the right time.


Cross-Sell & Up-Sell. Connect the right product to the right customer.

Nobody appreciates a hard sell, and when you amplify your products to the wrong customer at the wrong time it can come across as pushy and will be counter-effective.

Speak with confidence to customers about products and services they may not be aware of, backed up with the power of intelligent Cross-sell Models.


Equip your sales team with powerful offer matching capabilities

Cross-sell and Upsell models provide the most accurate information to equip your sales teams at crucial moments. Our machine learning integrates propensity or likelihood to buy allowing your teams to focus on the customers who actually need your products.


The right offer to the right customer at the right time.

Upsell and Cross-sell modeling is driven by in-depth customer understanding based on data.

Our AI technology allows to separate those customers who are interested in your products from those who are not.


Xpanse is your new commercial strategy machine

Predictive Cross-sell and Up-sell systems are essential in customer-centric organizations.

Xpanse is in use to optimize sales processes across Telecoms, SaaS, Fintech and even Gaming industries.

Make your data work for you in a smart way.

“If we were trying to build these models by hand, we’d be in a cycle from start to finish that could take weeks or even months. With Xpanse AI we’re down to days.”



CEO, Dejalytics

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