Automated Data Science in Quality Assurance for Packaged Foods

Senoptica’s sensor technology reduces global food waste by non-invasively monitoring Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP in real time.

1/3 of all food produced globally is wasted and large part of the problem are faults in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) slipping through Quality Control systems. This is costing global retailers over $18.5bn per year.
The Senoptica oxygen sensor is printed directly into the MAP lidding film. Once the product has been packed, the sensor is scanned using an in-line scanning system, providing 100% inspection. Packs are then accepted or rejected based on the specification for that product.
Xpanse is supporting Senoptica in developing their break-through technology, allowing for non-destructive detection of faults in packaged foods.

Xpanse provides us with the depth of insights not achievable with traditional software.

We know exactly what happens on the manufacturing line and we can move with our R&D much faster and much more confidently.

Brendan Rice
Chief Executive Officer &
Senoptica Co Founder

By quickly processing sensor readings and transforming them into insights and alerts, the Xpanse technology provides meaningful and actionable analytics muscle.
By automating the entire Data Science process the Xpanse technology provides meaningful and actionable analytics strength.


  • Much lower cost of Advanced Analytics solutions.
  • Reduction of time-to-insights from weeks to minutes.
  • Accelerated R&D process by rapid ML prototyping.

We don’t have to worry anymore about long Data Science projects lasting many weeks and getting stuck. The data from sensors goes in and the Models get built in minutes.